Chapter 1: The Army of KinfolkEdit

Kinfolk Jarl, his trustworthy veterans and most of his bravest knights had been beaten down, conveying a thought that they were not ready for this battle. Even with the Great Wolf at his side, the Jarl cannot defeat the Honorable General with his overpowered Crossbowmen, fully equipped with spells like Frost Wind and enchantments like the Crown of Strength. After several hours, Kinfolk Jarl finally surrendered his pillars. Why they are so important to the Jarl is unknown. But some say, they contain kittens. Ancient kittens that have the power of immortality, in the form of a scroll.

In this realm, the once civilised race of creatures, androids and whatever else may lurk in the shadows of the cannyons, split up into three factions. Growth, Order and Energy. Growth using elements of life, plants and creatures to attack the other factions. Unfortunately, it isn't always the strongest of elements. Today, the Order have won against Growth. Kinfolk's men have much training to be done before there next battle, which the people, creatures and plants hope will be their last.

Chapter 2: Drooling Bear-HandsEdit