Ronan woke up to an empty room. Sunlight was streaming in through a gap in the curtains. He got up and stretched, his legs were felling a hell of a lot better now. As he was walking to the window Mallhier burst in.

"Put these on." He said, throwing some clothes at him.

"What are these?" Questioned Ronan staring down at them.

"What d'you think they are oaf?!" Growled Mallhier as he was putting his on.

"No, but where'd you get them from?" Huffed Ronan getting rather annoyed now.

"None of your beeswax, now hurry up and put them on." And with that he left the room. A few minutes later he went down stairs to find Mallhier hurriedly thanking the owner. "Come on Ronan, Peter's offered us a lift to the airport." he said gleefully nodding at the barman. Peter led them out of the back door to a rusty pick up truck.