The Deal

There was once a time when rays of sunshine shone on the Kingdom. Until the wedding day of King Kelt and a peasant Maylian. Now, on to the story...

"Mother!"Cried as she ran at a guard."She has done no wrong!"

"Stay down child!"Yelled the first Guard.

"She has committed treason against the Queen Maylian."Said the second guard as he slapped Jillian.

"Neglect,Neglect!"Cried Jillian.(Neglect means help us)

Just then the Queen Maylian walked in chuckled and said "Why? What is this child doing?"

"She will not let us take her mother."Said the first Guard.

"Ha ha and this seedling is stopping you?"The Queen mocked.

"Then my Queen, What would you do?"asked the second Guard.

"Simple, Kill the Mother."Queen Maylian said.

As the Queen spoke Jillian could sense great evil then said "Please stop!Spare my mother's life" "What will thou give me in return?"Asked Queen Maylian

"I give my body for your works!"Cried Jillian.

The house went quite from what she had said.The fire burning was the only noise.Until the Queen spoke and said"Let me consult with my court before I choose."

Tears ran down Jillian's face for she knew the power the Queen had."Let the mother off with a warning also leave it be the child's body."Said lady Gwen.

"What if we take the deal also use the child for the test."Sir Charles said.

"I know, take the deal because the family owns the land we need have her give it to us!"Said Queen Serva of the Underworld.

"I have chosen,I shall use Sir Charles's and Queen Serva's plans."Exclamed Queen Maylian.

The Queen walked up to Jillian and said in a motherly voice"I take thy deal"

"You will give my mother first!"Commanded Jillian.

"My dear child,I need thy blood for the deal first.Let me cut your's and my arms."Said Queen Maylian.

The Queen Maylian took her's and Jillian's arms and put the cuts together said some magical words that Jillian could not understand."Now give me my mother."Demanded Jillian.

"Tisk tisk tisk, you see child you gave me your body.There was nothing in the deal about giving your mother. Wherefore I'll keep your mother in my palace for two whole years."Said Queen Maylian.

"You Monster!"Jillian cried.

"Wait child I'm not done,After I bring back your mother you shall serve me until you die."Said Queen Maylian.

Once she had said that the whole party left.Leaving poor Jillian to weep over her loss.For she was to live in the house alone.