Adventures of AwesomeknightAdventures of Awesomeknight/Prologue:A Stranger ArrivesAdventures of Awesomeknight/Talonjay and the Metal Beasts
Adventures of Awesomeknight/The Visitor From AboveAlpha Team: The Omega InitiativeAlpha Team: The Omega Initiative/Chapter 1: Behind Bars
Alpha Team: The Omega Initiative/Chapter 2: The CelebrationAlpha Team: The Omega Initiative/PrologueDeath of the Fallen: Shadows in the Dark
DestinyDoctor WhoDoctor Who: Clones
Doctor Who: Clones/Chapter One: The Female CloneDoctor Who: Clones/Chapter Three: Master & PadawanDoctor Who: Clones/Chapter Two: To her leader
Doctor Who: Clones/EpilogueDoctor Who: Clones/PrequelDoctor Who: Everything changes
Doctor Who: Everything changes/Chapter One: RegenerationDoctor Who: Everything changes/Chapter Two: New DoctorDoctor Who: The final battle
Doctor Who: The final battle/Chapter One: Where do you want to go?Dwarven: The Vessel of TrollsFictapedia: The writer's Wiki
In ApocalypseIn Apocalypse/Chapter 1: A big mistakeIrnakk (a short story)
JakeLauraLegend of the Six
Legend of the Six/Chapter OneThe DoctorThe End of Wars: Air Force
The Ender Age: The Eye of the EnderThe Kingdom of JillThe Kingdom of Jill/Chapter One: The Deal
The Saga of Ronan Torn, Dark Matter: Chapter FourThe Saga of Ronan Torn, Dark Matter: Chapter OneThe Saga of Ronan Torn, Dark Matter: Chapter Three
The Saga of Ronan Torn, Dark Matter: Chapter TwoThe Saga of Ronan Torn, Dark Matter: PrologueThe Saint Petersburg generations I: Chapter I
The Scrolls: GrowthThe Young Spies
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