Irnakk was a young Skakdi. His family were poor and could not buy anything. He walked down the street and found a coin; he bought an ice cream with it. Then, an ugly and strange man took his ice cream. "Hey! That's my food! Go get your own!" Irnakk yelled. The man responded "NO! I like to annoy people! I bought it! I'm the Doctor so you are stupid! I deserve it! HA-HA!" the strange Doctor left with a spaceship. Irnakk's parents died of hunger.

Meanwhile off on a distant planet on the edge of the solar system a man in a tweed jacket is being chased towards a blue police box by a giant cybernetic creature.

*The Doctor clicks his fingers, screaming* “OPEN!-Why wont the doors open?!”
*Irnakk aims his zamor spheres at the Doctor*
“I shall get you Doctor!” *A zamor sphere shoots out of a launcher on the creatures arm, it hits the man’s jacket and destroys his bow tie*
*The Doctor pulls the burnt bow tie off, deeply saddened, he stares at it in his hand, shouting* “NO! That was my bow tie, my cool bow tie...”
*Before the man has a chance to move a huge claw clamps round his waist and starts to slowly get tighter and tighter, crushing him*
*The Doctor screams in pain* “ARGH!”
*The man pulls out a small tubular device, he aims it at the giant creature, a green light comes out the end of it and sparks fly out, the creature drops the man*
*The police box doors finally open, the man runs in and the box slowly dematerializes, fading away*
*Irnakk, saddened at the loss of his prey* “Aww, who will I capture now...?”
*The police box re-materializes, the creature turns round and quickly fires all of the zamor spheres it has and the box explodes in a blaze of flames*
*A man in a blue stripped suit and trainers comes strolling out of the blaze, hands in his pockets*
*The Doctor, shocked at the creature looming over him, he pulls a pair of glasses out of his pocket and puts them on* “Ah, so you’re the thing that made the console explode...”
*Irnakk, shocked* “How did you survive that?!”
*The Doctor, smug* “The TARDIS has very good shields” *he pats the blue police box* “Don’t you old girl?”
*Irnakk, smirking* “I bet you don’t”
The Doctor: “Ah, well…” *he doesn’t get a chance to finish his sentence as a huge claw smashes down and crushes him*
*Irnakk, through hysterical laughter* “Oh, you didn’t have any shields, HAHAHAHAHA”
*A strange golden glow appears around the man*
*Irnakk stops laughing* “Huh?” *he reloads a Zamor sphere and fires it at the man, the glow stops* “That’ll teach you for stealing my ice cream all those years ago!”
*Satisfied with the death of the man, the cybernetic creature slowly starts its way back home, dragging the man’s body with him as his prize*