In Apocalypse Chapter 1: A big mistake

My name is Koro,I live in Japan but my origin is from Finland. I where age of 4 parents went missing. I lived with my 4 sisters and a borther untill i where 15. I decied to go learn Bujinkai to Japan when my first sister died in a car crash. I escaped from my homeland with a help of a old Japanse sea-Captain. Now i live with my Bujinkai master Mr.Shungi and his 43 other stundents. The madnes started from my anger. That day i did a horrible mistake. Now i feel guilt from the destrocion of my world and deads of 8 miljard people.

December 11th,

Me and my fellow students where doing the final practiche before the nights Bujinkai show,when i got angry for my sensei. He didnt want me to lead the carnival of the Samurai. I trew my helmet to the street and i started walking towards the Temple of the great Midunkai Spirit. I dont know what camed to me when i asked the spirit to curse the whole world just for a carnival. I where just 17 and i where still angry for the whole world about it. When i camed back from the Temple i saw what happend. The Spirit really heard my request and had cursed everyone. I did not like the way it was,I knew something where wrong

The people had red eyes and they where dripping whater from theyre mouth all over the street. When one saw me,it did start making this calling noice. I did knew that they had Spotted me. They looked me funny until they started to come towards me. When a lamp shut down the whole town of those things started to come faster towards me. I started to run becouse they tryid to eat me or something i didnt wanna be done for me. Allready i felth guilt becouse of the mistake i had done. I runned to my home and i realised,I need to leave this place as soon as possible. TO BE CONTUNIUED