“So, where do you want to go?” asked The Doctor, flicking levers and pulling switches as he danced around the console of the Tardis.

“Maybe somewhere fun and safe for once” Joked Jake sarcastically

“Not a chance” replied The Doctor.

“Oh well, it was worth asking” sighed Jake.

“The lost kingdom of Morcia” said Laura as she read a book that she had found in the Tardis library.

“Nah, why would I want to go back there?” asked The Doctor.

“You have been there before?” asked Jake.

“Yes, a long time ago...” “Lets keep the lost kingdom of Morcia lost” said The Doctor.

“This book makes it sound so interesting, it says that the kingdom was always under attack from skeletons and trolls until one knight went and defeated the evil wizard Mallock” “The knight was called Awes...” explained Laura.

“That is enough about Morcia” snapped The Doctor as he interrupted Laura and snatched the book away from her.

“Whats got him so upset?” Asked Jake.

“Must have been something that happened to him in Morcia” guessed Laura.

All of a sudden the Tardis violently jerks forward sending Jake and Laura to the floor.

“Ugh, what just happened?” Asked Jake as he gets back up.

He then goes over to Laura and helps her up.

“Rough landing” explained The Doctor.

“So where have we landed?” asked Jake.

“Go out and see where we are, if you're so curious” The Doctor told Jake.

“Ok I will” said Jake as he yanked the Tardis doors open and stepped outside...