“AAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHH” screamed The Doctor as his regeneration ended.

“What just happened” “Were did that man go” asked Laura confused at what she had just witnessed.

“That man was me” said The Doctor startled at his own voice.

“But that’s impossible you can’t be him” told Laura.

“But I am him” explained The Doctor.

“That was a teleport wasn’t it bring that man back” “NOW!” demanded Laura.

“I cannot, I am sorry but I cannot there is no way that man can return” said The Doctor.

“By the way how do I look?“ asked The Doctor.

“How do you look? HOW DO YOU LOOK? That man was a good friend of mine and you teleported him away with no return and all you care about is how you LOOK!” Laura shouted angrily at The Doctor.

“Just tell me how I look. Sorry for the bad first impression I just want to know what I look like” apologized The Doctor.

“Well if you really want to know what you look like. Your hair is ginger” Explained Laura.

“What did you just say” interrupted The Doctor.

“I said your ginger” said Laura.

“Get me a mirror” asked The Doctor excitedly.

“Ok I have one in my bag” said Laura.

“Found it!” said Laura as she handed the mirror to The Doctor.

“Right now to see how ginger I am” said The Doctor as he took the mirror from Laura.

“Wow I have a thick ginger beard” said The Doctor astonished at the sight of his own face.

“Yeah now can we go before they find us again” said Laura.

“Yes come on Laura we can make it back to the Tardis if we hurry” explained The Doctor.

The two of them set off running down the long corridors back towards the Tardis when all of a sudden...