*The strange egg creaks and a crack forms on the side of it*
Clone Gunner Commander Jedi: *Examining the egg* “Hmm” *He rolls the egg round in his hand*
*The egg creaks again and a chunk of its shell comes flying off into the air, a green gas emits from it*
*The gas floats through the air and up into Clone Gunner Commander Jedi’s helmet*
Clone Gunner Commander Jedi: *Choking* “Padawan!”
*His padawan runs into the room*
Clone Gunner Commander Jedi’s Padawan: “Master?!”
*Clone Gunner Commander Jedi turns to his Padawan and pleas with him “Help me! Please help me,” he staggers back in pain, his Padawan approaches cautiously*
Clone Gunner Commander Jedi’s Padawan: “Master? Are you ok?” *He takes a cautious step toward his master*
Clone Gunner Commander Jedi: “No. Far from it!” *He shivers violently and then beckons with his hand for his Padawan to approach him*
*His Padawan cautiously approaches Clone Gunner Commander Jedi, who turns and slaps him full on in the face with the back of his black gloved hand and sniggers manically to himself*
Clone Gunner Commander Jedi’s Padawan: *Staggering back, his face bright red and tears rolling down his cheeks, he questions his master’s actions* “Why? Why do this?” *His voice jumpy and occasionally breaking*
Clone Gunner Commander Jedi: “Why? Well, just for fun really” *He again laughs manically*