*The sound of the Tardis re-materialising fills the air*
Female Clone: “Your box… IT’S RETURNING?!”
*The Tardis takes shape as it materializes back into place*
The Doctor: “Silly old girl, she knew better than to go running off with a possessed Clone”
*The Tardis doors burst open, Clone Gunner Commander Jedi falls out, the Doctor runs over and catches Clone before he hits the ground and stands him upright*
The Doctor: “There you go!”
Female Clone: “Where have you been? I can see that the evilness that possessed you has now dissipated and left you”
*Jake very impatiently shoves past everyone and walks into the Tardis then turns to look at everyone* “Come on Doctor, let’s go! I’m sure they can manage without us now”
*The Doctor completely ignores Jake and speaks to Clone Gunner Commander Jedi* “So… where did you go?”
Clone Gunner Commander Jedi: “I don’t know, it was rather dark… and I was there. Not just me, other me” *He yawns* “Oh, wow, I’m knackered. I think that I’ll retire to my room now”
*Clone Gunner Commander Jedi shakes the Doctor’s hand* “Goodbye Doctor, ‘till we meet again”
The Doctor: “Yes, until then, good luck and good fortunes for you and your friends”
*Clone Gunner Commander Jedi leaves the room, the door slides shut behind him with a shwit sound*
Female Clone: “Well it was nice meeting you Doctor” *She turns to jake, who’s in the Tardis leaning on the open doorway and winks* “and it was nice meeting you too”
*Jake smiles at that but Laura quickly calls out and his smile fades* “OI, he’s mine!” *Laura shoves Jake into the Tardis and they disappear from sight*
The Doctor: “Well, I must be off now, can’t keep them waiting in there”
*The Doctor turns to step into the Tardis and the Female Clone calls out* “Clone has told me a lot about you… you keep them kids safe”
*The Doctor walks into the Tardis, up to the console and pulls the first lever he sees* “Off we go then! Ha! We could end up anywhere!”
*The time rotor sets in motion and the Doctor starts to laugh ecstatically, almost manically*