*They walk down a long corridor in an awkward silence, finally speaking up Laura breaks the silence* “So what is it that you do on this ship?”
Female Clone: “We don’t get to spend much time on this ship, too busy having adventures”
Jake: “Oh, we’re the same; we never really spend much time in the Tardis”
Female Clone: *Confused* “Tardis?”
*Jake goes to answer but is interrupted by the Doctor* “The Tardis, my time machine, it stands for Time And Relative Dimensions In Space”
Female Clone: “Sounds… interesting”
The Doctor: “It certainly is interesting”
*They reach the end of the corridor*
Jake: “Sorry, I can’t have helped but notice that all the doors have little flaps on them, why?”
Laura: “Maybe they have pet cats aboard?”
Female Clone: “No. It’s for my leaders Personal Droid, it goes freely about the ship”
*Suddenly a loud crash comes from behind one of the doors*
The Doctor: “What’s going on in there?” *As he speaks, he raises his right eyebrow evidently intrigued*
Female Clone: “I have no idea! But whatever it is…”
*Another loud crash echoes from behind the door*
Jake: “Who’s in there?”
Female Clone: “Should just be Clone Gunner Commander Jedi”
*The sound of lightsabers clashing rings out from within the room*
*The Doctor gets his Sonic Screwdriver out and opens the door* “The Doctor is going in!” *He runs into the room, right into the middle of the chaos*