Laura: “So Doctor, where are we going?”
Jake: “Yes, where?”
The Doctor: *Exited* “Oh, I don’t know but the Tardis is following a distress signal, we should be landing soon” *A big grin spreads across his face*
Laura: “So you have no idea when and where we’re going?”
Jake: *Sighing* “He never knows where we’re going”
The Doctor: *Exited* “Yep and that’s the fun part of travelling, I never know where I’m going”
*The column in the middle of the console stops moving, the Tardis has landed*
*The trio run out of the Tardis into what seems like a space ship*
Laura: *She looks about* “Doctor, this ship is eerily empty”
Jake: “And freezing!” *He wraps his arms round himself for warmth*
The Doctor: *He licks his finger and holds it in the air* “The heating must be off”
Laura: *Unimpressed at the Doctor’s conclusion* “Well I could’ve guessed that”
*A door to the side of the Tardis slides open and out comes a female dressed in full white armour, she stops and stares at the Tardis and then at the Doctor and his two teenage companions*
The Doctor: *Smiling* “Hello, I’m the Doctor” *He stops and points at Jake and Laura* “And these are my two traveling companions Jake and Laura”
Jake: *He waves awkwardly at the female* “Hi”
*The Doctor holds out his hand to shake the females*
Woman in white armour: *She stares at the Doctors hand and then reluctantly shakes it* “I’m known as the Female Clone” *She turns and pushes a button on the wall, the door slides open again, she calls back* “If you’d like to follow me please, I’ll take you to my leader”