sitting in his chair, Dash was Wondering if the Alpha team would ever have another Thrilling adventure.

He said:"I miss the old Days Fighting ogel, and his Mindbots"

"But it's odd, shouldn't i be Relived Ogel is gone?" As he questioned himself.

Then an Alarm went off.

Chapt 1.2:

As it turned out a Group of mindbots have Invaded the H.Q

"Time for some action" Dash told Everybody.

Everytime the alarm Got louder and Louder, The bigger Dash's smile was.

When the team went down the Halls there they were, the Mindbots shot Cam attaway with a Concussion bolt,

"Oh great," Grumbled a Recruit named " James Yu".

Then as the group ran Back but the mindbots shot them in the back just before the reached the Hangar,

But Dash was the only one that didn't get shot.

Chapt. 2:

Dash ran to a escape Pod, he got in and Flew away.

"Close one," Dash sighed.

"I'll go to the Japan Alpha team base" Dash said.

But the controlls were locked.

"Damn!" Dash exclamed.