Alpha Team: The Omega Initiative

The celebration happening on the surface of Earth was not felt by those who stirred below. They went about about their duty with a cold demeanor that well suited them, for they were the Skeleton Drones of Ogel, he who had nearly conquered the world three times. But Ogel was now in prison, captured by Alpha Team special agent Zed. The Drones felt no thought other than to carry out their prime directive in the event of an emergency such as this one. With their leader behind bars and out of contact, the Drones had begun the execution of the plan that had been embedded inside them since their creation. The Omega Initiative. The echoes of the underground corridors, dimly lit by dull grey light fixtures, seemed to whisper the name. The Omega Initiative. The Drones filed into the chamber of he who would bring order back to this world. The Omega initiative. A control panel was activated. A being in a deep slumber opened his eyes for the first time in many years. It had begun. The Omega Initiative.

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