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Ogel, at last, was locked away in a jail cell. For years the agents of Alpha Team had striven to do just that. Just a few weeks ago, thanks to the efforts of special agent Zed, they had done it. The air was jubilant around the world. Ogel could hear the faint sounds of celebration above. A smile had been flickering on his lips for some time as he recalled the last moments of the final battle.

Ogel, in his Scorpion Orb Launcher, was locked in a furious duel with Agent Zed. The Alpha Team special agent was in a vehicle of his own: the Blizzard Blaster, a one-of-a-kind vehicle that could withstand the deadly power of Ice Orbs. Ogel landed blow after blow onto the Blizzard Blaster, sending it toppling to the ground. Zed in turn fired twin blasters into the Scorpion's underside, smashing into the machinery. Ogel scuttled off the Blizzard Blaster and hurled an Ice Orb straight at the cockpit. It hit its target! The orb exploded in a blast of ice that covered the cockpit and all three blasters.The ice instantly began to melt due to the Blizzard Blaster's special equipment, but Ogel didn't wait for it. Again, his Scorpion Orb Launcher propelled itself into his enemy, knocking it off its feet. Heavy, mechanical and spiked arms smashed into the Blizzard Blaster, cracking the cockpit glass and crushing the armor around it. With only seconds to spare, Ogel could see Zed pushing buttons frantically in the splintering and sparking cockpit. Suddenly the large cannon mounted on top of the Blizzard Blaster turned and armed itself straight at the Scorpion Orb Launcher. A missile exploded against Ogel's vehicle at point-blank range, blasting it off the fallen Blizzard Blaster and sending it flying backwards, whereupon it crunched to the ground upside-down. Dazed and trapped in the crumpled cockpit, Ogel knew he was defeated. But he knew he had only to wait for Zed to search - and eventually destroy - his base for The Omega Initiative to be activated.' He had prepared a gift for Alpha Team -- a gift that they would open themselves. It was then that Zed had grabbed him, cuffed him and hauled him away from his wrecked vehicle to the other Alpha Team members.

In his cell, the laugh that he had held back threatened to burst forward. With the Omega Initiative in play, nothing, not even the members of Alpha Team, would be able to stop his ascension to power. The laugh finally burst forth from him and although the sound was contained in his cell, the sentry standing outside suddenly and inexplicably felt an odd sense of foreboding.

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