Sir Gallin was training his squires, as he does every day in the week. But one day there was one of the trainee who wasn't there before. Sir Gallin looked at him. "Who are you?" he said, pointing his finger at him. "I don't know, sir." the stranger replied. "So be it." Sir Gallin said. Instead of kicking the stranger out, he trained him also, and became one of the best of the squires. He didn't knock the weapons out of the hands of the dummies, but he also destroyed them. One day Sir Gallin had to go to war. Trolls were coming. The stranger got Sir Gallin armed, and he rode into battle. The stranger watched inside the castle as the battle was going on. Sir Gallin was killing tons of trolls, but one Giant Troll came up, bonked him with his club. Sir Gallin fell to the ground. He was dead. The stranger armed himself, and went out to destroy the beast. He jumped onto its back, and jabbed his sword into its back. The troll shrieked in pain, and died. When he lifted his sword, he realized the battle was over. A knight came up to him. "Who are you? You must be knighted immediately." he said. The squire stopped, as if to think. Then he answered: "Knight."